Traces for beginners

Traces for beginners

Here are some basic traces that will help beginners and even some old pros to revisit techniques that worked in the past. This type of variety can help improve your catch. Never think the trace you are using is the right one. Always experiment with new ones especially on days when the catch is poor. Most of these traces can be prepared before hand so there is no need to waste time at the waters edge, tying traces.


Rietvlei Trace

A very popular, easy to tie trace, used by many dam fisherman.
(Click on the image or downwload PDF here)


Sliding Rietvlei Trace

This is probably the most popular trace used by carp fisherman. The sliding top hook increases your chances of the second hook getting into a good position near the bom.
(Click on the image or download PDF here)


Baby Shoes Trace

If more fish are caught on the bottom hook than on the top, then surely two hooks at the bottom will double you chances. (If only it were that simple).
(Click on the image or download PDF here)


Sliding Baby Shoes Trace

The idea behind this trace is that, when a fish is hooked, the other
hook slides and hides behind the spring and therefore does not
get stuck on any obstructions in the water.
(Click on the image or download PDF here)


Single Hook Trace

When fishing in grassy or rocky water the second hook can get caught up in something while the fish is being played. As many carp anglers will note, more of their fish are caught on the bottom hook than the top so this ploy does work.
(Click on the image or download PDF here)


Vaal Dam Trace

A good trace to use in grassy or muddy waters. It simply keeps you bait off the ground, where the fish can find it.
(Click on the image or download PDF here)


Sliding River Trace

A simple trace based on the idea that fish will take the bait and run. The smaller the running sinker the better the chances of not getting stuck in underwater structure.
(Click on the image or download PDF here)


Breaking River Trace

The idea here is if your weight gets trapped in something it will simply break off and you won’t loose the fish in the process. Recommenced for areas with lots of structure in the water.
(Click on the image or download PDF here)

I am currently using a variation of the single hook trace. I do not use the clip above the bom spring. This allows the line to run freely through the bom spring and the fish can swim off without having to carry this additional weight. It makes for great line runs when the fish bite and make a run for it.


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