In the eye of the beholder

In the eye of the beholder

Here is a really interesting observation that most fisherman don't know about. Nearly all fish look down when they are out of the water.

Well at least until they die, that is. That's when it appears as if they are looking straight outwards. I have noticed this phenomenon with carp, kurper, muddies and yellows. I have not researched the topic so I am not sure if this theory holds for all fish species, but it is certainly true and you should check it out the next time you catch one.

It's one way to catch guys out who insist that they released the fish they caught but the photo they show you looks as if the fish is dead because it is not looking down. Remember this is not a tried and tested rule but its a pretty accurate way to check if a fish is dead or alive in a photo.

fisheye 1Mahommed Doola with a fish which is still alive and obviously looking down.

fisheye 2Saffer's fish is looking down and is still alive - sometimes it's not that easy to spot on a photo.

I have not displayed an example of a dead fish because...well just because. (my kids use that one on me all the time so I figured I'll use it for change).

So the next time you browse the gallery and if the photo is close enough to the fish, try to spot the living and the dead.
PS: Can any of the Bass fisherman tell me if this is true for Bass as well (use the comments below).



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