Shed some light

Shed some light

Here is a good tip on how to take photos when shooting into the sun.

Sometimes you want to show the water as a background to your photo but the sun happens to be behind your subject. The trick here is to force your camera to use the flash. When shooting in Auto Mode, your camera will compensate for the very bright background and as a result your subject will look dark with loss of detail. Forced flash photography will help to add some light on your subject. Look at the example below of how different the photos are with and without the flash.



flash sample

The ways to force cameras to use the flash, even in broad daylight, are usually very similar but it can vary depending on the make and model of your camera. Most digital cameras have a dedicated Flash Function button somewhere on the unit and it should look something like this...

flash button

(The Flash Function button is usually located at the top or back of your camera near the LCD)
By pressing this Flash Function button you can toggle between the different Flash Modes on your camera. Typically all digital cameras include the following 3 flash modes:

(Some higher end models will have more flash settings) The mode you want to set is Flash On and Bob's your mamajee - you are now ready to take a forced flash photo. Try it out and post some of your samples onto our Gallery. This is obviously not only for fishing photos - you will get great results for any photographs with bright background.


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