Bait Recipes

Bait Recipes

Paruk had an idea to start some form of bait recipe exchange area on the site. So I decided to add this article with 2 on my tried and tested recipes as a start. If anyone has any other bait recipes or ideas they would like to share they can add to this article by using the "comment" section below. Just click on comments and add your recipe as part of your comment. We should collect some interesting ideas this way.

~ Brown Bread Recipe ~
Take a loaf of brown bread and crumb it in your wife’s Magimix or food processor (be sure to ask her first or make sure she doesn't find out about it). Put the crumbed bread into a dish and break two whole eggs into it. Mix them together ensuring that the egg gets into most of the bread. Now add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and mix again. Mix well and try not to leave the essence concentrated in one part of the mixture. This classic brown bread recipe works well when river fishing for yellows and also works at the dam.

If you don’t want that much bait you can halve the quantities.

There are many variations to this recipe but this basic one a tried and tested and it works.

~ Sweet Dough Recipe ~ (Sout Wit Deegie) also known as "Aataw":
This recipe is based on Schalk van Breede’s article in the Stywe Lyne magazine some time ago. Take 3 parts of dam water and add 1 part sugar. (i.e. 3 tea spoons of dam water and 1 tea spoon of sugar) Stir or mix until most of the sugar dissolves then add flour slowly until the mixture is sticky almost like chewing gum. Be careful not to add too much flour.

The important thing here is to use the water from the dam where you are fishing so you need to make this bait at the dam. I also prefer using brown sugar as it has a stronger smell.

This recipe has never let me down.

Okay so lets here from you guys in the comments...


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