onion syrup

Onion Syrup – A great weapon to have in your arsenal

It happens all the time… your bite tempo takes a sudden unexplained dip and your usual tactics are not working.  The clock is winding down, the hooter is looming and you would love to add a few more to your tally.

Many of us limit oursleves to buying all the local dips that are available on the market. We’ve stopped thinking outside the realm of our trusted well-known brands of dips, balldips and sprays.

the carp senses

The Carp’s senses – How do they find their food?

Like humans, carp are dependent upon their senses when it comes to food. Carp can smell, taste and see the food that they plan to eat. They have a highly developed olfactory system that allows them to sense any dissolved substance in the water. The lining of their mouths contains chemically sensitive cells that allow it to determine whether food is good or bad. The carp can see by using both eyes. However, if an item is immediately in front of and below its mouth, the carp relies on its barbuls’ sense of touch and taste to detect items.

the fish care

The fish care debate…

It’s a weekly, if not daily occurrence… a social angler posts a picture of the catch of his life on social media, looking forward to the positive feedback and congratulations, only to be met with criticism from fellow anglers, mostly specimen carp anglers, for not using an unhooking mat, for having a keep net in the background of the photograph, or for not holding the fish correctly. There have been some nasty debates on public forums in this regard and it has become a very contentious issue.

dam contours

Dam Contours

Remember that standard seven Geography class when you asked the teacher why learning how to read contours on a map will help you when you are all grown up? Well, today we answer that question. A topographic map of a dam shows all the features of the submerged area, e.g. submerged “koppies”, deep holes, drop-offs, ledges, flats and points. These are all shown by the contour lines, namely a series of concentric lines running all around the dam. These denote the topography of the entire submerged area. Each line represents the depth of the water at that particular point.


Tips for casting in strong winds


Nothing like a strong cross-wind to spoil a bank angling session.  Even experienced anglers will tell you that casting in the wind remains a challenge, not to mention the extra vigilance needed to detect a bite when your line is bobbing up and down in the waves. Even worse is being in a competition situation, where casting accuracy is very important, and the wind keeps pushing your bait into the next anglers zone and leaves a huge loop in the line.

IMG 9422

Much ado about carping

The truth of the matter is I am not really qualified to advise anyone on how to fish but I’m going to anyway.

Have you ever had that day when you sat there on the waters edge and tried everything you could but absolutely nothing was caught – not even a bite. To top it all off the guy next to you was landing the big ones one after the other. The next time it happens, and I hope it never does, try going over to the guy who’s nailing them and spend some time with him. Try to see what he is doing differently and I don’t mean what dip or flavour he is using, I mean try to see how he fishes. Over the years I’ve come to realize that the difference between someone who catches regularly and someone who hits a lot of blanks is something I like to call “finesse.” Don’t let the fancy word confuse you. It’s not something you can learn from book or even from this article but here are some finesse tricks you can incorporate into your fishing style.

use the line

Use the line-clip to get that “kol” going…

Ever looked forward to a fishing trip for weeks, only to be left in an anti-climactic situation? Been at the waters for 2 days with minimal success when a new angler sets up camp 100 meters to your left and he starts catching fish like its going out of fashion?

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