Paruk had an idea to start some form of bait recipe exchange area on the site. So I decided to add this article with 2 on my tried and tested recipes as a start. If anyone has any other bait recipes or ideas they would like to share they can add to this article by using the "comment" section below. Just click on comments and add your recipe as part of your comment. We should collect some interesting ideas this way.

Here are some basic and complex knots that you could use to tie your traces and leaders...

Ever had that “what is he doing differently and getting much more distance then what I am” feeling whilst casting? You are not the only one, the techniques below are sure to give you that extra distance you looking for.

Here are some basic traces that will help beginners and even some old pros to revisit techniques that worked in the past. This type of variety can help improve your catch. Never think the trace you are using is the right one. Always experiment with new ones especially on days when the catch is poor. Most of these traces can be prepared before hand so there is no need to waste time at the waters edge, tying traces.

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