choosing the right rod

Choosing the right rod for you

Whether you’ve been out of the game for a while, or you’re taking up bank angling for the first time, it’s important to note that the landscape and equipment have developed tremendously in recent years. Shorter rods mostly made of carbon fiber or graphite have replaced those lanky fiberglass rods of over 14 foot. You will have to be able to distinguish between the following three options when going rod shopping:


Callers and takers 848x400

Callers and takers – The basics.

The average bank angler has about 20 dips and 30 balldips in his box. These are probably a good mix of flavours and colours ranging from sweet to strong to very potent. Do you have a specific plan when you get to the dam based on the conditions? Do you take the colour of the water, the weather and the species you are targetting into consideration, or do you whip out the dips at ramdom and hope for the best?

(An article submitted by Mahomed Doola - Thank you)

This summer we once again braved the mud, miggies, mozzies and all that the upper Vaal River could throw our way.

Here is a really interesting observation that most fisherman don't know about. Nearly all fish look down when they are out of the water.

As some of you may have noticed this website was hacked and was subsequently offline for a while.

Here is a good tip on how to take photos when shooting into the sun.

kaphom fishing holes Here is our old "Kaphom Fishing Holes" map. We put it back up because a lot of guys were asking for it.

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