choosing the right rod

Choosing the right rod for you

Whether you’ve been out of the game for a while, or you’re taking up bank angling for the first time, it’s important to note that the landscape and equipment have developed tremendously in recent years. Shorter rods mostly made of carbon fiber or graphite have replaced those lanky fiberglass rods of over 14 foot. You will have to be able to distinguish between the following three options when going rod shopping:

  • Slow action rods – Not advisable for the serious angler and will not achieve great distance.
  • Medium action rods – is a better option and will allow you to be more in tune with the fish’s movements in order to react swiftly. You might not be able to cast as far as with a fast rod, but you will have a bit more leeway when playing a larger fish with your line and the rod sharing the workload when the fish decides to take off in the opposite direction.
  • Fast action rods – Only about the top quarter of this rod will bend when you are playing a fish. You will have to know how to use your reel properly in order to give the fish room to move when it needs to. A fast action rod is more likely to give the best possible distance when casting. Seeing as no bait boats are allowed in competitive bank angling you will need to rely on you casting abilities, especially when the fish are biting at over 130m.


 The following can be used as guidelines when choosing the length of your rods:

Your height = 1,6m – 1,7m: Rod length = 10 foot – 12 foot

Your height = 1,7m – 1,8m: Rod length = 12 foot

Your height = 1,8m or taller: Rod length = 12 or 13 foot

Rods longer than 13 foot are seldom seen on the competitive scene these days. Most rods are two-pieces, and might even include both a medium and fast tip in order for you to adjust to conditions and distance required. Two-pieces are also easier to transport if you don’t have a rod-holder on your vehicle.

Reference: ASFN Magazine – December 2014.


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