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Onion Syrup – A great weapon to have in your arsenal

It happens all the time… your bite tempo takes a sudden unexplained dip and your usual tactics are not working.  The clock is winding down, the hooter is looming and you would love to add a few more to your tally.

Many of us limit oursleves to buying all the local dips that are available on the market. We’ve stopped thinking outside the realm of our trusted well-known brands of dips, balldips and sprays.

But how many of us are willing to experiment a bit? Why not try a home recipe that only has natural ingredients, and the older it gets, the better it works!

Here is a homemade Onion Syrup recipe that can be used as is, or mixed with one of your favourite flavours when the occasion calls for it.

This can either be used as normal bait dip, or if your container is big enough, you can even dunk your ‘’Mielie Bom’’ should you need to make sure you get enough flavour in the water.

You will need:

2 Big white onions – peeled.

2 cups of white sugar (Brown sugar can also be used).

1 sealable Tupperware container (Preferably one Mom or the wife won’t need again).





Do this on a Tuesday if you are fishing the coming weekend.

Cut the onions is relatively large chunks e.g. in eight equal pieces

Lay out evenly in the Tupperware container.

Cover evenly with sugar .




Seal the container.

For best results – leave on the kitchen counter, normal room temperature will help to fast track the process.

The sugar will start draining the juices from the onions as the process progresses. Within 24 hours you will already see a decent amount of syrup, just keep giving a few stirs and let it rest.




Stir every 6-12 hours.

On the day of departure, you can remove the onions, and pour your syrup into a sealable bottle.

You don’t have to pour out all the syrup, take what you need and place the container in the fridge. The moment your onions starts looking wrinkly, you can dispense the rest of your syrup into your bottle.

Also try:

Add florescent power (green/red and yellow) and mix well.

Mix the syrup with your favourite dip at a ratio of 1 part dip and 3 parts onion syrup. We have had a lot of success with adding some Banjo (Banana) to the dip and combining it with TCP and Lootie on the ball.

Anglers also use the syrup and incorporate it when making sweet white dough that we all love so much, to give that dough a nice onion flavour and smell. Simply add in 2-3 teaspoons with your water before adding flower.

Enjoy experimenting and have a safe journey to the waters.

Let us know how the recipe works for you and the combinations you use it with.

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